From 2 to 11 in Under 3

Strange title for an article and certainly one that will peak your curiosity.
Heritage Pointe is very proud to announce that we have increased our Endowment Funds from 2 to 11
in under three years.
“As of early 2015, Heritage Pointe had two main endowment funds that helped support capital
expenditures and facility improvements,” stated Mike Silverman, CEO. “But ensuring the financial
viability of a non-profit, mission-driven community requires that we prepare for the unknown and
continually look for ways to offset operating expenses.”
The initiative to increase our funds is led by Beth Slavin, Director of Philanthropy. Beth, a
former board member and now part of the management for about two years, understands the demands on our facility from all angles. “We have focused on the passions of our donors and community members
as well as the families of our residents to develop giving opportunities that not only make a
difference but feel great!” said Beth. “Whatever your focus – be it education, religious
programing, transportation, activities, dementia, and the list goes on and on – we will find the
perfect fit.”
Additional funds available to support our programs and services have already positively impacted
the quality of life for our residents. Additional resources have allowed Heritage Pointe to move
forward with enhanced security for the campus, room refurbishments, new construction, exceptional
monthly Shabbat programming and so much more. The improvements collectively total over $2 million
and even with these expenditures, the endowments continue to grow.
Of course, the growth of our funds is critical to our ability to continue to provide benevolent
care for our community members that are indigent. “We currently provide financial support in
excess of $1 million annually for residents that have limited to no funds available,” explained
Silverman. “First and foremost– we must take care of our community members and we must honor our Mothers and Fathers as Jewish
tradition teaches us.”

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