Combatting Ageism Via Programs, Advocacy and Storytelling

For more than 110 years Menorah Park has provided excellence in caring for thousands of the mature generation in every aspect of their daily needs. And even while offering the best of programs, activities, staffing, training

Jane Friedman, above, has had 132,000 views of her singing a parody about aging.

and medical and emotional care, we still encounter people who seem to ‘give up’ living life to its fullest, opting for a sedentary existence.
We also encounter those who think that as we age, we lose our personalities, our desires, our creativity; basically who we are as people. They have succumbed to society’s inference that aging means we become completely debilitated, unworthy of attention or unsuitable for engaging activity or employment. Many of us begin to identify more with these stereotypes or ageisms than to defy them.
At Menorah Park, we find this is not acceptable as caregivers. We believe these trite ageisms have had their day and that day is done.
Our continuing goal is to defy the stereotypes of ageism by addressing them head on through storytelling and giving voice to the realities of aging in our community. We offer ways to continue to express individuality and points of view, to learn, to dream and to remain social and engaged. We are demonstrating the possibilities and opening eyes to the many ways in which we age.
An important part of living is dreaming.

The ad above features a former resident of Menorah Park, who wished to be in a commercial and become “famous.”

The Menorah Park D.R.E.A.M. Team encourages our residents to Dare to Reach for Every Amazing Moment. From gaining national fame in commercials and billboards, attending a baseball game and meeting players, finally publishing a memoir, talking to a rock star, we believe no dream should be discarded until we have diligently worked to help make it come true.
We’ve seen the healing power that a dream granted has on its recipient. We’ve granted hundreds of wishes since the inception of the program. Many family members tell us how grateful they are, giving their loved one the special time and attention needed to help make their dream come true; invigorating their very essence.
Role models make a difference. How inspiring is it to read about a 100-year-old woman who swims 10 laps a day? Or a 75-year-old who goes zip-lining down a mountain? Or an 87-year-old woman whose sense of humor drives hundreds of thousands of people to her YouTube video song about the realities of getting older?

Watch Jane Friedman’s video here.

We say it; we do it; we mean it. With compassion, integrity, extraordinary service and stewardship, we maintain the highest expectations in serving those we care for as we would our own parents. It’s never too late to start thinking ‘ageless’. As we change perceptions of the world around us by thinking, acting and living differently, we are extending our lives, and those of generations to come.

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