Parker Jewish Institute Co-Sponsors Queens-Long Island Renal Institute

Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care & Rehabilitation, along with Queens-Long Island Renal Institute, have established the region’s most advanced dialysis center. Through collaboration and effective clinical care, their partnership allows dialysis patients to receive treatment and physical therapy for rehabilitation while pursuing their daily activities.

QLIRI was established in 2010 with the goal to enhance quality of life for those needing dialysis, whether they’re at home or patients/residents at Parker. Parker’s sub-acute patients benefit since QLIRI is on the Parker campus, reducing the time required to transfer patients from one facility to another.

“The majority of Parker’s sub-acute patients come from area hospitals and may require rehab therapy,” said Michael N. Rosenblut, Parker’s President and CEO. “As a result of the QLIRI office on Parker’s campus, sub-acute patients have more time for therapy, with the goal of being discharged sooner,” he said.

Aside from proximity, what makes the Parker/QLIRI partnership work is collaboration between both institutes. There are sub-acute patients in need of recommendations to take care of blood pressure control issues. QLIRI staff coordinates care for those sub-acute patients at Parker with blood pressure. The nephrologist routinely consults with patients’ primary care physicians, resulting in better management and care for these patients.

QLIRI’s 40-person staff is composed of RNs, patient care technicians (PCTs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), dietitians and social workers. Their 15 treatment stations each have a team of two RNs, one LPN and three PCTs. There is one RN for every 7.5 patients and a four-to-one staff ratio of PCTs and LPNs. The QLIRI ratio is above industry standards.

The Parker/QLIRI achievement demonstrates that when clinical staff from two independent programs collaborate, they can increase their knowledge, stay current with industry standards and enhance patient outcomes. Their collaboration generates mutual respect amongst staff and patients, boosting patient confidence in the people who care for them.

(Condensed from: A Long-Island View-How rehab, acute care and outpatient dialysis care work together at outcomes, Nephrology News & Issues, August 2017.)

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