The Towers to Run First Jewish Aging Mastery Class in Connecticut

Towers residents will have an opportunity to “JAMP” right in to learning and embrace a proactive approach to aging well through the Jewish Aging Mastery Program, a 12- week evidence-based curriculum developed by the National Council on Aging to be offered this summer.

Innovation has always been at the heart of The Towers to help its residents live their best lives through continued learning, growth and the celebration of life. It’s what makes our community vibrant and engaging. The Towers will be the first senior community in Connecticut to run the Jewish Aging Mastery Program.

The 12-week curriculum will include topics ranging from financial health and advance planning to nutrition, sleep and relationships. Each Master Class will be delivered by an expert from the local community. Particularly exciting, this version of Aging Mastery includes two sessions that help participants view the aging process through a Jewish and spiritual lens.

Jewish wisdom is full of insights about living well in old age that enrich the AMP curriculum and make it more relevant to baby boomers and older adults. Participants in Jewish-focused AMP will create their own playbook for aging well via actionable goals, sustainable behaviors and peer support– all in the context of their faith

Results show that program participants have increased their physical activity levels, healthy eating habits, use of advance planning, social connectedness and participation in evidence-based self-management programs. In 2017, among 2,884 participants in this program across the country, 98 percent would recommend it to a friend and 98 percent rated the program as excellent or good. An overwhelming majority describe the program as a lot of fun.

Jewish Aging Mastery Program is made possible through a grant from CT Healthy Living. Towers staff have received special training to administer and track results of the program. A wonderful added benefit of the program is community involvement and engagement. Local physicians, professors, authors and others will have the opportunity to share their knowledge. The program will be open and available to seniors from the broader community across Greater New Haven.

Nationally, Jewish Aging Mastery has a retention rate of 80 percent. Upon conclusion, the Towers will hold a special celebration to all graduates of this special program.

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