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Founded on the Jewish values of improving the world and caring for all, Shalom Cares upholds the commitment to Honor our Mothers and our Fathers by providing the highest level of personalized and compassionate healthcare. Our commitment to our elders includes those who are unable to pay for their care—a genuine expression of our time-honored values.

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Shalom Cares is a not for profit continuum of care organization providing residential health and social services to seniors and their families. The Shalom Park Nursing Home, Patio and Apartment Homes, and The Retreat for extra care are located on the Shalom Park campus. The heart of our philosophy is a life where choices are maximized, independence is encouraged, opportunities for continued growth are available, and events are offered that provide fulfillment for each resident and staff member.

One such experience is “Mimosas and Music” to be held on August 24, 2014 at 10:30am in the beautiful Shalom Park Pavilion Garden in honor of Cantor Herb and Anne Nadler. Herb and Anne moved into an apartment on our campus in 2004.  They lived independently and participated in many programs.  As with other residents living in our patio and apartment homes, over time they received assistance services they requested on an a-la-carte basis, only paying for the specific services they needed while continuing to live together.  Herb passed away in 2008, and the following year Anne required more care, so she moved into the nursing home on our campus.  After Anne passed away in 2013, their sons made a significant contribution in order to fund a program to honor their parents.  Since music was always a fundamental part of Herb’s and Anne’s lives, the fund which the sons established was designed to provide an annual musical program for residents, family members, staff, and the neighboring community.

The first annual “Mimosas and Music” was held on a Sunday morning last August in the beautiful park on our campus.  With lively music, delicious food, and refreshing mimosas, everyone had a wonderful time, and the sons of Herb and Anne were so pleased.  It was a wonderful way to fulfill the intent of our donors.  We look forward to again seeing the Nadler family members, who continue to be part of our Shalom Cares family, at the 2nd annual “Mimosas and Music.”

Mimosa Entertainment

Located near the Park Pavilion, the J. Leonard Levy Family Wellness Center which opened June 2012 is devoted to serving seniors’ changing physical and rehabilitation needs through programs that support independent living as long as possible. Designed especially – though not exclusively – for seniors in our community, this state-of-the-art facility brings together traditional, progressive and natural approaches to health and wellness.  The 20,000 square-foot Wellness Center features state-of-the-art equipment and innovative programs for therapeutic rehabilitation, recreation and relaxation.

Park Pavilion                                            Wellness Center
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