A Tradition of Care, Comfort and Support

Today, having gone through numerous expansions to keep pace with community needs over the past 75 years, Greenwood House provides skilled nursing, rehabilitation, assisted living, hospice and homecare services.

Originally founded in 1939 by The Trenton Ladies Sick Benefit Society as a home for elderly Jewish people in need of medical, nursing, or personal care, Greenwood House has flourished into a nonsectarian community that provides care and services based on Jewish traditions and values. There is a Synagogue within the facility and all Jewish holidays are celebrated with religious services and traditional meals. All meals provided are prepared under the supervision of a Rabbi and Dietician and are strictly kosher.

It has earned a reputation for providing excellence in service and the highest quality of care possible and has expanded its services to a continuum that addresses the growing needs of the community’s frail and elderly.

Greenwood House goes beyond caring for one’s physical and mental health needs by offering opportunities that enhance social, emotional, and spiritual engagement. He adds that his team remains flexible and responsive to the changes within the community and within the industry and the nonprofit sector.

“I am especially proud of the level of care that we provide to those who need us. We continually staff at higher ratio levels than other organizations, despite our nonprofit status. We are unwavering when it comes to ensuring that our residents receive only the best care available. Our team is both highly skilled and compassionate,” says Richard Goldstein, executive director.


Growth is not easy for nonprofit entities like Greenwood House as the discrepancy between cost of care and reimbursements (Medicare and Medicaid) grows. “Philanthropy has always been integral to our model, but it was never needed more than it is now,” says Goldstein. The Board of Directors, and friends and family of Greenwood House, along with generous community members provide charitable philanthropic support to help make up for the reimbursement shortfalls. “Education about what it means to be a nonprofit is critical to our long term viability. Philanthropy has become an extremely important part of our culture.”

The organization is in the midst of a $4M capital campaign that will further enhance its program and environment. A refurbishment of all resident rooms is planned, as well as an expansion of the dementia care capacity and reconfigurations that will allow for a modern physical therapy suite and increased capacity for short-term rehabilitation.

Greenwood House is located in Ewing, NJ. For more information about Greenwood House visit www.greenwoodhouse.org or call 609-883-5391 ext. 303.

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