Hebrew Health Care’s New Affiliation Helps Take Training to New Levels

Hebrew Health Care’s New Affiliation Helps Take Training to New Levels:
Hartford HealthCare’s
Center for Education Simulation & Innovation (CESI)

By Kristen S. Kinney, Director, Marketing and Communications, Hebrew Health Care

In its strategic plan, adopted in 2011, Hebrew Health Care identified the need to seek out and affiliate with a strong local health care system in order to continue to bring quality and stability to its constellation of services. After an 18-month process of meeting with several potential partners, it became clear that Connecticut’s Hartford HealthCare offered the strongest opportunity for a strategic partnership which would improve access to resources, services and programs throughout both systems. The partnership – achieved through management consulting and clinical affiliation agreements – acknowledges the resources and strengths that each organization can bring to a relationship which is unique in Connecticut at this time.

Hartford HealthCare is recognized for its own proud history as a not-for-profit health care provider in Hartford and throughout Connecticut. As part of the clinical affiliation, Hartford has offered new, high-tech training for Hebrew Health Care’s staff in every facet of job training. Everything from clerical training to advanced surgical procedures has been made available to the Hebrew Health Care team. A central component of the training offered is found in the Center for Education, Simulation & Innovation (CESI). Hartford HealthCare boasts one of only a few such facilities in the country, offering a fully comprehensive range of robotic and high-technology training capabilities

During a tour of the CESI facility in early March, a group of clinical staff were given a demonstration of the type of clinical training that is available at the Center. Over the next year Hebrew Health Care’s clinical staff will be trained through the use of life-like, fully responsive computerized manikins in areas such as cardiac and pulmonary assessments. Students learn different responses and treatments to varying signs and symptoms of illness without the added stress of performing tasks on real people.

Stephen Donahue, BS, RRT, Program Director of the Center for Education Simulation & Innovation commented, “On behalf of the entire staff, we are pleased to be working with Hebrew Health Care. We view this effort as a great opportunity to enhance patient safety and clinical outcomes throughout both of our systems.”

“We are so fortunate to partner with Hartford HealthCare in ways that will enhance the care and safety of all of our patients. Elevating the type of training that our staff receives is perfectly aligned with our mission. That mission, to provide the community with a broad spectrum of exceptional health care and aging services tailored to the needs of each individual, can only be strengthened through our affiliation with an organization of the recognized caliber of Hartford HealthCare.,” remarked Bonnie Gauthier, President and CEO of Hebrew Health Care. “In our turn, we are proud to bring our expertise in aging services to help serve patients and clients within the Hartford HealthCare system. We look forward to a bright future for the affiliation, for both our organizations and most importantly, for all those we serve.”

AJAS Member Hebrew Health Care is a non-profit, non-sectarian health care provider featuring a full spectrum of integrated and seamless in-patient; out-patient and community based geriatric services to meet the needs of older adults in the Greater Hartford community.


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