Building for the Future, The Reutlinger Community Forges Ahead with Plan to Set the Standard for World-Class Senior Living

Building for the future, The Reutlinger Community forges ahead with plan to set the standard for world-class senior living

In today’s rapidly changing senior living marketplace, with the percentage of the U.S. population over age 65 steadily increasing, specialized residences and health care must be forward thinking in terms of facilities, programs, and healthcare offerings. “Today’s seniors deserve an upscale, hospitality-type environment where they can receive their needed care and pursue a pleasant lifestyle while aging in place,” states Jay Zimmer, the recently appointed CEO of The Reutlinger. With this in mind, the community has embarked on a multi-million dollar renovation to set the standard for world-class senior living communities.

The project – Renew Reutlinger – when completed will offer unique spaces that encourage socialization and interaction among the residents.  The extensive remodeling, currently underway, will surpass $10 million when finished.

New amenities will include enhanced lighting, a redesigned art room, fitness center, salon, activity area, dining room, and additional – and renovated – resident rooms in the Tikvah Center, which provides enhanced assisted living; and the Traditions unit, which provides care for those with Alzheimer’s or memory impairment.

The renovated and welcoming lobby and reception area has been designed to provide comfort, information, and easy access to the rest of the amenities. The corridors will be well-lit and hung with artwork and interesting wall coverings.

Dining at The Reutlinger is a five-star experience and will be magnificent in the new dining room.  The kitchen staff, under the direction of resident Chef Sonia Gonzalez, works with renowned Executive Chef Alison Negrin to create delectable dishes, similar to those served at the restaurants where Chef Negrin has worked: Chez Panisse, Bridges, Mesa; and John Muir Health System. As a special treat, residents also get to enjoy meals prepared by Chef Negrin’s friends who stop by such as Chef Kevin Weinberg, Walnut Creek Yacht Club; Chef Cindy Gershen, Sunrise Bistro; and Chef Frances Wilson, LaLime’s and Château Routas.

Enhancing the physical, social and emotional health of The Reutlinger’s residents is a primary goal in establishing a world-class community, and the Schiff Center for Life is being completely remodeled. This includes the Fitness Room – an in-house gym/physical therapy room, Café, Activity Room with Sunroom where seniors can play games, mingle, and listen to guest speakers, Gallery Lobby, Rabbi and Activities Office, and Arts & Crafts Room. We are attentive to our residents’ total well-being.

All residents have the opportunity to express themselves through painting, dancing, and acting.  The Reutlinger has an extraordinary art program, under the direction of a full-time Art Director, Betty Rothaus, MFA. The new art room will provide a wonderful atmosphere for artistic exploration that can truly enrich the aging experience, tap into the innate human need for creativity and self-expression, and  give the elderly an additional “visual voice” through which to communicate, especially if they are memory impaired.

In large part, Renew Reutlinger has been made possible by the generosity of two benefactors who believe in the greatness The Reutlinger Community provides seniors. Both of these donors, who are women, understand the value of offering seniors distinctive amenities and an environment that honors cultural values, heritages, and faith. The Reutlinger is known for this, its tradition of offering outstanding care in a faith-based environment.

As for further initiatives, “Over the next few years the eldercare industry will experience rapid change in how care is delivered and for how it is reimbursed. The Reutlinger has planned and prepared for these changes and is poised to select and work effectively with partners in hospitals, home-health, hospice and rehabilitation spaces. Expanding the community’s presence, exploring new opportunities, and securing our future will be primary,” explains Jay Zimmer, CEO.

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New signage arrives as part of the renovation.

CEO Jay Zimmer inspects renovation work

The Great Room is an example of the complete renovation underway at The Reutlinger.

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