Seven Acres and The Medallion Residents Embrace Touch Screen Computer Technology

For the AJAS Newsletter, November, 2015 issue

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Seven Acres and The Medallion Residents Embrace Touch Screen Computer Technology

Residents from Seven Acres Jewish Senior Care Services and The Medallion Assisted Living Residence have been enjoying working with the latest in computer technology – the touch screen computer.  The elder care campus has acquired a total of eight stand-alone computers placed on rolling carts that can be wheeled around to any of the units for the residents to use.  These are in addition to the original three stationary computer stations located at Seven Acres and one at The Medallion.

“The purpose of these touch screen computers is that they provide another avenue in which to engage the residents,” remarked Jeff Hill, CEO of the senior computing company MyGait.  “The advantage of these over the conventional computer is that they are easy to use for those who cannot operate a mouse or a keyboard.  MyGait is a pioneer in computer technology for seniors with its innovative keyboard and mouse design.  “Even so, some people cannot use those tools easily and the touch screen provides another avenue for them.  It is also a wonderful tool to use in a group setting and makes it a more social activity.”

Some of the programs on these computers are memory games such as Concentration, and Music First, a music game and Text Twist a word trivia game. Karaoke, Proverbs, video poker, a computer musical keyboard and an art program called What’s Wrong with this Picture? are also available. So far the favorites have been Solitaire and slot machines.  Although these are games, they serve the function of requiring thinking and memory skills and, if done in a group, provide social interaction.

“The beauty of this technology is that it can be tailored to a person’s individual interests and background,” remarked Seven Acres Director of Life Enrichment Sue Cororve.  “There is truly something for everyone.  For one of our Russian speaking residents, we were able to play Russian music and show her videos of Russian dancing.  She was absolutely thrilled.”

During a recent session, a group of four residents from The Medallion gathered in front of the computer to enjoy a music game that had multiple choice answers to “who is the artist singing this song?”  The category of singers was called Rat Pack which included Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Nat King Cole.  As the computer played “My Kind of Town (Chicago)”, the whole group guessed that Sinatra was singing and one of them touched the screen and clicked on his name.  It made for a lively discourse among the participants.  Another challenging group game was an art game with two seemingly identical pictures side by side.  The residents had to look at the complete picture and decide where there were errors in the second one.  “That was really a lot of fun,” remarked Medallion resident Doris Perlberg after trying her hand at Solitaire, Rat Pack, and What’s Wrong with this Picture?.



  1. Activity Supervisor Jill Newman assists resident Georgette D’Ambreville in using the touchscreen computer in her room.
  2. Seven Acres resident Leah Cohn enjoys playing games on the touchscreen.
  3. A group of residents and staff from The Medallion Assisted Living Residence get a lesson from MyGaitrepresentative Blake McConnell (on the right).

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