CareTech/Prime Source GPO Aids Facilities Manage Natural Disasters and More

Hurricanes, ice storms and blizzards are becoming commonplace across the globe. These natural disasters wreak havoc on communities, lives and homes. Our elderly are left especially vulnerable as this past hurricane season has sadly highlighted.

The Caretech Group/ Prime Source GPO strategic alliance helps long-term-care facilities reduce supply costs across the board.  Caretech Group provides outsourced purchasing using business intelligence to optimize and improve general procurement practices. Prime Source GPO represents facilities totaling over 350,000 long-term-care beds nationwide to bring best-in-market pricing and programs from top manufacturers, distributors and service providers, providing a quality solution for every spending category.

One of the major issues highlighted during the recent hurricanes were facilities losing power, and going without power for extended periods of time. Gas-powered emergency generators are expensive and, at best, only a short-term solution.

Given the realities of this hurricane season, Caretech Group and Prime Source GPO made disaster-preparedness and response a priority. In conjunction with Reflective Energy Solutions – a partnered vendor of Prime Source GPO, we are bringing an amazing and affordable long-term solution to facilities nationwide. Our partners at Reflective Energy are experts in gas-powered co-generation. Their expertise will help facilities lower energy costs and keep them operational even when power is interrupted for an extended period of time.

Cogeneration or CHP (Combined Heat and Power) is on-site production of electricity and heat from a single source of fuel– natural gas. Cogeneration replaces the need to purchase electricity from the power grid.  It provides a portion of the electricity and, in some cases,  replaces electrical demand entirely.  A great example is Notre Dame Long Term Care and Assisted Living. They have a cogeneration plant on site that can replace 70% of required electricity in cases where the power grid goes down.

Reflective Energy assists facilities with all aspects of these projects, including optimizing state utility grants, low emission renewable energy credits and other tax credits.  Facilities may decide to host and enter into a Power Purchase Agreement.  A third-party developer funds, operates and maintains the cogeneration system. The host facility agrees to buy the energy output at a guaranteed savings rate while Reflective Energy assures said savings.

In the last 13 years we’ve seen horrific hurricanes, treacherous ice storms and tumultuous blizzards.  Caretech Group and Prime Source GPO member facilities will achieve significant savings when using Reflective Energy as well as all our partnered vendors. We have solutions to virtually all needs of a facility and are able to guide facilities through every aspect of purchasing. These are the types of important services our member facilities have come to expect from us as they work to weather any storm.

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