Ovation Communities Named UWM’s 2017 Corporate Partner

Ovation Communities has been named UWM’s 2017 Corporate Partner of the Year in recognition of the establishment of a Research Professor in Aging Position staffed by Dr. Christine Kovach from the School of Nursing.

In 2016, a research chair was established with a three-year commitment of more than $500,000 from the Jewish Home and Care Center Foundation. In addition to supporting the director of research position, the commitment also supports Ph.D. student research. Research studies taking place at Ovation Communities focus on critical issues related to the field of gerontology including dementia, disability and physical ability of older adults. The Jewish Home and Ovation Communities have also provided excellent learning opportunities for students in art, social work, theater and physical therapy at UWM. This partnership is making a significant impact and helping UWM maintain its top research status. Ovation Communities’ dedication to research during financially trying times demonstrates the company’s deep commitment to the service of others.

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