Next Year in Jerusalem!

Or perhaps Budapest, China, Lithuania, Latvia, London, Venice, Seville or St. Petersburg.

Let’s plan together to bring your residents to exciting destinations around the world. Dor L’Dor Heritage Travel and Living Bible Travel can accommodate seniors with mobility challenges on exciting itineraries designed and paced specifically for them.

As the owner of Dor L’Dor Heritage Travel, and Living Bible Travel, I wish trips designed for seniors with limited physical abilities were available when my father was alive. He and his many friends were severely limited in realistic travel options in their very senior years. I am positive that our travel itineraries would have brought so much joy to his later years.

No matter your age or physical abilities, traveling to Israel and countries in the Diaspora can be so meaningful. My first trip to Israel was with Ramah Israel Seminar when I was in high school. That summer invigorated my personal and emotional identification as a Jew, and reinforced my ties to the broader Jewish community.

Dor L’Dor Heritage Travel and Living Bible Travel are passionate about travel, Israel and the history and lives of the Jewish people around the world. When designing itineraries, we combine visits to traditional historical and secular sites together with an immersive view of Jewish history and present-day Jewish life. From Israel, Asia, Europe and beyond, we provide tours that are creative, interactive, inspiring, informative and fun.

Dor L’Dor Heritage Travel transports groups around the world and allows them to focus on the gratification of travel rather than the logistics. Tours are fully customizable and merge Jewish history and Jewish life today together with exciting “traditional” secular touring. Each tour features in-depth lectures and discussions by subject-matter experts in each country.


• Explore communities that formed the “ancestral home” of so many Ashkenazi Jews in Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, and St. Petersburg, Russia;
• Experience the joy of Shabbat services at a historic yet lively synagogue in London;
• Stroll along the Great Wall of China
• Explore the source of the Spanish Inquisition and the Alhambra Decree and their enormous impact on Sephardic Jewry while visiting Spain;
• Walk through Beethoven’s apartment in Austia
• Tour a Scotch Distillery while learning about Scotland’s Jewish heritage;
• Savor world class ice cream, enjoy the canals of Venice and view Michelangelo in Italy;
• Experience modern-day Poland and tour its historic and tragic past.

Here are some of the countries for which we offer fully customized experiences:

– The Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus) and St. Petersburg, Russia
– Budapest, Prague and Vienna
– China
– England
– England and Scotland
– Italy
– Poland
– Spain
– Spain and Portugal

Living Bible Travel

We transport groups and individuals to Israel… the land of our forefathers as well as the modern State of Israel. The venues from the Bible come alive, as do the institutions so essential to the re-creation of the modern State of Israel. Israel is much more than its biblical history. With Living Bible Travel you and your residents will experience its exciting and diverse modern culture comprised of a polyglot of people who have returned to live in Eretz Yisrael.

Please visit our websites at and at

We look forward to partnering with AJAS to provide life-affirming, inspiring group travel experiences to your residents. Please stop by our exhibit booth next month at the AJAS Annual Conference in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, to learn more about our services.

DAN BERGER, MHA President/Owner W: (847) 564-1114 C: (847) 606-7900

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