Abramson Senior Care’s Birnhak Transitional Care Helping Seniors Age-In-Place

One of the most crucial turning points for a senior’s health is often right after a surgery or an illness. The care received afterwards can help prevent a cycle of re-hospitalizations or placement in long-term care. That’s why Abramson Senior Care’s industry-leading Birnhak Transitional Care program is committed to helping seniors get back on their feet as quickly and safely as possible after a hospitalization, serious illness or injury. And to help even more seniors do so, we have just opened our second location on the campus of Main Line Health’s Lankenau Medical Center, located right outside of Philadelphia.

“Seniors are looking to be able to remain in their own homes as they age. But not getting the proper care after a major medical event can prevent that from happening,” says Valerie Palmieri, chief operating officer. “We recognized that there needed to be a bridge between hospital and home – and from that need we developed Birnhak Transitional Care.”

Birnhak Transitional Care at Lankenau Medical Center offers the highest-quality medical and rehabilitative care. The program is focused on promoting aging-in-place by helping patients rehabilitate fully enough to successfully return to their own homes. To reach this goal, our team of doctors, nurses, therapists and social workers develop an individualized care plan for each patient during rehabilitation and an aftercare plan to help them maintain good health once at home. “We cannot stress enough the importance of individualized care during the rehabilitative process. Everyone comes to us with different needs that have to be addressed so that we can get them home safe and healthy. We evaluate not only what needs to be taken care of during their stay, but also identify potential issues after discharge to help put supports in place to prevent re-hospitalization.”

During their stay, patients recuperate in a completely renovated facility featuring 35 patient rooms, a comprehensive rehabilitation gym and tastefully decorated patient and family gathering spaces. So that patients can convalescence in comfort, amenities such as wireless Internet, flat screen TVs, personal laundry and linen service, hairdressing and salon services, concierge discharge and telemedicine are provided. “Everything at Birnhak Transitional Care was designed to provide excellent medical and rehabilitative care, and to do it in an attractive, relaxing environment,” says Palmieri.
As seniors continue to show a preference to age-in-place, Birnhak Transitional Care at Lankenau Medical Center will be there to help ensure they get back home after a hospital stay.

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