Developing New Leaders and Donors: Chop, Mix & Roll for the Under 40s

Each spring, Daughters of Sarah Senior Community holds an interactive, networking event for the “Under 40s” — Chop, Mix & Roll. This event, created seven years ago by Daughters of Sarah Jewish Foundation’s youngest and only millennial board member at that time, introduces other young professionals to the Senior Community. Most often, those who sit on our boards and committees, and philanthropically support our senior community, are those who have had a family member in our care. Young professionals may not be in a situation where they are needing to make senior care decisions; however, understanding the vital role Daughters of Sarah Senior Community plays in our community is growing in significance. It is important not only for older generations to benefit those who come after them, but for younger generations to help those who have come before.

Chop, Mix & Roll has become a pathway for the development of new leadership for Daughters of Sarah Senior Community. Through participation in this event, young professionals have seriously embraced how fortunate we are to have a Jewish senior care community. They ask questions, and respond in ways they feel they can and will make a difference. This generation of young professionals do not give because of who we are, or how passionate we are about Daughters of Sarah Senior Community. They give because of what we do, that we do it so well, and that they can see the return on their investment truly enhances the quality of life for our residents.

During this year’s dinner event, guests were presented with two challenges – plating (plate decorating) and cake decorating. Following demonstrations by our executive chef, guests were put to the challenge – first to plate a main entrée, and then to decorate a cake. Three guests were appointed winners of the plating competition and were awarded with “Good,” “Better,” and “Best” aprons.

Guests first learn a few plating techniques, and then prepare a dinner entrée for judging.


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