Louis Brier Home and Hospital

Residents at the Louis Brier continue to receive a culturally rich selection of leisure programming that supports personhood, identity and independence through choice and decision making. Every month, residents are offered over 270 recreation programs and 80 formal music programs and concerts. These recreation and music programs enhance quality of life, build emotional and social connections, and support exploration and creativity for our residents.

The Louis Brier also has a dedicated team of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and rehabilitation professionals. This rehabilitation team offers individual and group exercise programs 5 days a week. Programs include Movement to Music, Sensory Circuit, and Strength & Balance Training.

Many of recreation and rehabilitation programs are supported by volunteers at the Louis Brier. This has been an exceptional year for the Volunteer Services Department with an expanding number of community organizations as partners and a vibrant and flourishing core of over 350 volunteers involved in regular service. Volunteers have been used extensively within the Recreation Department, Rehab Department as well as with members of the Food Services and Executive Leadership team.

Residents enjoying some of the many Recreation Programs available to them at Louis Brier Home & Hospital

The Louis Brier is committed to providing safe, quality care to our residents. That’s why we have decided to voluntarily participate in accreditation with Accreditation Canada—to learn what we’re doing well and where we can improve. Accreditation is an internationally recognized evaluation system that ensures that we continue to meet evolving care standards and provide the highest level of quality care possible. It enables us to identify opportunities to improve resident care and service in a way that is transparent and holds us accountable to our communities.

Our Nurses celebrated International Nursing Week this year by dressing in traditional nursing uniforms. The Residents in this picture are retired nurses.


Clinical Nursing Leaders – L-R: Nicole Encarnacion, Rebecca Fernandez, Jennifer Belen.

Our Accreditation Survey will take place in May 2018. The Accreditation Survey involves visits from health care professionals representing Accreditation Canada, who speak with staff, volunteers, residents, and families to gain a better understanding of our care practices. As an organization, we are excited to step up to the plate to participate in the Accreditation program. We are proud of the care that our dedicated staff members and employees provide – and we look forward to the opportunity to continually improve the delivery of safe, quality care.

If you would like to learn more about the Louis Brier Accreditation Survey please contact please contact our Accreditation Leads: Angela Millar (amillar@louisbrier.com) or JoAnne Fernando (jfernando@louisbrier.com)

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