Hooverwood Living Offers Grocery and Meal Delivery

Nutritious Options for Seniors at Home offers seniors the opportunity to shop for groceries, meals and household items and have them delivered or available for curbside pick-up.

NOSH is one way Hooverwood is helping the community during the COVID crisis. Seniors taking advantage of the service can skip the lines and stay safe. They can pick from a variety of grocery items and easy-to-cook meal kits or try options such as breakfast, parfaits, artisan salads and sandwiches, hand-crafted wraps, snack boxes and deserts.

“We identified a growing need in our community for so many who don’t have transportation options.  We are now able to bring everything to someone’s door without ever leaving their home,”  This option was even more helpful to those  as COVID 19 started to hit our community, ”  said Evan Lubline, Hooverwood CEO.

“We believe even after the pandemic is all over this will be a great option as this can also help those who need us as a true “check-in” service,” Lubline added.

With all the services Hooverwood Living offers from post-acute care, long-term care, adult day, wellness and transportation,  the community is able to assist elders in many ways.  The NOSH program allows them to help those at the earliest stages of needs of home management

Participants can also order household cleaners and supplies through the program. Free delivery is available for orders over $20.

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